TV for Bilingual Kids: Netflix Ahead of Other Streaming Services

Raising bilingual kids is a difficult task.  This is especially true when you live in an area with sparse populations that speak the minority language. While parents can engage kids in playdates where they are exposed to the minority language, finding ways to maximize the time kids are exposed to the minority language can definitely be a challenge.

In the last year, the streaming service Netflix has increased the number of TV shows and cartoons that have audio and/or subtitles in different languages.  For Spanish bilingual kids, the options are numerous.  Audio in languages other than Spanish are also available. For example, cartoons in German, French and Japanese can be selected often times for a single show, but options are more limited.

Kudos to Netflix on recognizing the value of providing streaming content for children in different languages.  Providing  children the opportunity to hone their listening and comprehension skills in a second or third language is a fantastic endeavor.

Below a list of 50 kids cartoons with audio in Spanish.  Enjoy and rank your favorite!!

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