¡Un día una señora se tragó una mosca! A fun Spanish book for children

Reading is one of the best ways to share the minority or heritage language with your child.  It has become a ritual in our house to read at least one book a night.  Both my son and my daughter request books to be read to them at night.  Lately, they have started asking that we read one book in Spanish and one in English.

Since I started my immersion language at home strategy, Dad has been helping me read books in Spanish.  Sometimes I read only a couple of pages in Spanish and then tell them the rest of the story in English.  Sometimes I read the entire book in Spanish.  I let the kids guide me, and I also try to pay attention at their level of engagement.

One night, while I was reading a book to my son, I heard laughter coming from my daughter’s room.   When I peeked to see what was so funny, I saw that my husband was reading ¡Un día una señora se tragó una mosca!  to her.  She found the story so amusing.  How could a woman eat insects or other animals?  When they got to the page with the cow, she would laugh out loud and say, it’s so big Daddy! How can she eat a cow…we don’t eat cows!

¡Un día una señora se tragó una mosca!  became one of my daughter’s favorite books.  She asks us to read it at least a couple of nights a week.  The last time I read it to her, she started repeating the words ¨mosca¨,¨un día¨..and also … ¨ñora¨…not a complete word but every little bit is progress.

I encourage you to get the book, it is definitely a three-year old favorite.  I hope you and your child enjoy it as much as we do!